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GFM Rectification Management


GFM Rectification

Defect Rectification

Expert Recommended Rectification Management

Once your building’s defects have been analysed by the experts and a rectification recommendation given, it is vital not to make the same mistake and have unprofessional tradesman rectify these repairs.

Tender Presentation Process

Gray Facility Management ready to put together a tender of quality defect rectification tradesman that will complete your rectifications. Gray Facility Management only recommend the best defect rectification companies and expect the best work and prices from all to present to the client. On your behalf, GFM have the ability to manage all of these process for each of your defect rectifications.

Seeing the work through

From organising access to residential units to completion of rectification works, GFM are here to represent you and make sure all boxes are ticked.

Gray Facility Management are here to protect the integrity of your building.

GFM Rectification

Scheduled Works

Managing your buildings scheduled works

To keep all of your warranties valid and your building’s integrity in check, all of your building’s scheduled maintenance must be managed carefully and documented. GFM are specialists in this area. They not only design these complex schedules for buildings, currently, Chris Gray from GFM is managing a large scale residential apartment complex that requires a very extensive and detailed maintenance schedule.

Managing and selecting the right contractors

Your residential complex requires tradesman that get to know your building and its needs. GFM are here to make sure that they are offering the right price. GFM can manage all the quotes for scheduled maintenance and provide contractors for your selection based on your building’s needs. contractors for your selection based on your buildings needs.

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GFM can manage your buildings breakdowns.

GFM specialise in finding solutions to problems and rectifying the issues with the least disturbance. In most cases, breakdowns are costly and require three quotes before selecting the company to rectify the problems. GFM can expedite this process and minimise the inconvenience to the client. Talk to GFM and work together to maintain the integrity of your building.

GFM - Protecting the integrity of your building.


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